Richmond VA Fire Police CU

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After you join Richmond Virginia Fire Police Credit Union, as long as you remain in good standing, you can always retain your membership, even if there is a change in how you originally qualified.  Below are the current methods for qualifying for membership at RVFPCU and what to do next once you qualify. 

Member Application

Who Qualifies For Membership

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  • Persons employed by the Richmond, Virginia Fire Department
  • Persons employed by the Richmond, Virginia Police Department
  • Persons employed by the Hanover Fire & Richmond Ambulance Authority
  • Persons within the immediate family or household of a RVFPCU member
  • Organizations of such persons

I Qualify For Membership, What's Next

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  • Complete our Membership Application.
  • On the application you can designate account types and whether or not your accounts opened under the membership are jointly owned.
  • Return your completed Application to us and you will receive disclosures specific to your membership and account products.  These disclosures include our Membership and Account Agreement, Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, and Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.
  • We need to see an acceptable picture ID.
  • You must deposit $5 into your par Share account (this represents your purchase of one share of ownership) before your membership is considered opened and active.