Richmond VA Fire Police CU

Totally revised website is coming in June.  For more information talk with staff.

Merger Updates & News


  • MOBILE BANKNG.  This service is now available under the mobile platform SPRIG CO-OP.  When depositing checks through SPRIG there is a three-day hold placed on your deposits and you cannot withdraw against the funds until the hold is released.  Learn more
  • LOGO & CREDIT UNION NAME.  Until all our documents and vendors are updated, you may see the prior Richmond Fire Department Credit Union name and/or logo on documents you receive or when viewing vendor services via our website.
  • DIVIDEND RATES.  Our new dividend rates established by our Board became effective April 1, 2015.

  • PAYROLL POSTING AND ACH CREDITING.  Previously these credit deposits were posted the evening prior to the effective date and many times the funds were then available for withdrawal.  Currently these credit deposits are being posted the morning of the effective date (before branches open).
  • BASE ACCOUNT NUMBERS.  These were changed to a five-digit number by adding 10000 to your account number.  For example old number 123 became 10123; and, old number 1234 became 11234. 
  • ONLINE BANKING.  You must enroll again by entering your new member account number mentioned above for the USER field.  The password is the last four digits of your SSN.  Once you Sign On you are prompted to select a new password to continue.  Only history as of April 1, 2015 is available.  If you cannot access your account, contact us so that we can confirm your activation code is set correctly in our system.
  • BILL PAY.  Use the new member account number mentioned above.  Your PIN is an 8-digit number based on the last four digits of your SSN and putting 1000 at the beginning.  For example an ending SSN of 0123 becomes a 10000123 PIN; and, an ending SSN of 1234 becomes a 10001234 PIN. 
  • SERVICE CENTERS.  When visiting a credit union service center you must provide your new member account number mentioned above.
  • DEBIT CARDS.  Our Police members should now have their new cards.  You will NOT receive a PIN.  Instead, when you activate your card you will select your own PIN.  When phoning the 1-800-708-7119 activation number, follow the prompts and when it requests you to enter a PIN, enter any PIN of your choosing.  Your card has a new account number and shows the Richmond Fire Department credit union name (until October when a credit-union wide reissue will occur).  If you have electronic payments paid based on your debit card number, then to avoid return items, notify merchants, creditors, etc., that your debit card number has changed.
  • DENIED DEBIT CARD.  If your account is overdrawn or your loan is 9-days or more past due, your debit card transactions will be denied.  Also, when using your debit card without a PIN (it runs through VISA), some merchants, especially gas stations, can place a $125 hold on your funds for up to 72-hours.  When a hold is placed on your account it means that transactions will not post against the amount being held in your balance.  To avoid this hold, make your purchases as a Debit and not a Credit transaction.
  • ATM FEE.  Each month you can make two cash withdrawals from any ATM without us charging a fee (try to use CU24 ATMs to avoid a surcharge fee from the ATM owner).  For each withdrawal over two, we charge a $1.50 fee.   To avoid this fee, use your card to make a "Debit" purchase and get cash back during the transaction.
  • E-STATEMENTS.  You cannot access your old website online banking system or any e-Statements contained in such after March 31, 2015.  Paper statements were mailed for the month of March.  You can re-enroll in E-Statements through our new website via Online Banking.
  • ACH, PAYROLL & CHECK CLEARING.  These processes are expected to continue without any interruptions to members because we are notifying originators of the change in your account number and the ABA routing number.  When originating new ACH transactions, the account number is a 13-digit number that starts with 218 and ends with your account number along with the check digit (checking accounts) or account suffix (other accounts).  To obtain 13-digits, zeros are inserted in between.  For example, if the member number is 19999 and the savings suffix is 01, the ACH number is 2180001999901.  For checking accounts, ask us for the proper account number.  In the future when you reorder checks, your 13-digit account number will be printed on the checks, along with the routing number of 251082411.
  • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS THAT HAVE REGULAR ACH DEBITS.  A savings account should not be used regularly as a transaction account.  We are currently processing these debits for existing savings accounts; but, new ACH debits will not be set up for a savings account.  In the future we will contact members that also have a checking account and work towards getting their ACH savings debits switched to their checking account.
  • PAR SHARE.  Previously the par share amount for Police members was $25.  Your new par share amount is now $5.  The remaining $20 is now included in your available balance.


View Merger Letter sent to members


View Merger Letter sent to members


The merger of Richmond Fire and Richmond Police Credit Unions continues.  We still have many items to accomplish, we hope to have this process completed by March 31, 2015.  As we go into 2015, we are maintaining two credit union offices, systems and staffs.  Please continue to use your former credit unions for now. Be prepared to show your photo identification when you go to your former office.  We will notify our members when the larger components are operational through email, voicemail announcements, websites, and regular mail.  Information on the hours of operation is listed below.  With members cooperation, we can make it through this process in great shape.


Our membership approved a merger with the Richmond Police Department Credit Union on 09-17-2014 with a unanimous vote.  Their membership approved the merger with 96% in favor.  We have submitted the necessary documents to the proper agencies.  To bring this to fruition, we have started the technical process.  If all goes well, we should be operating as the Richmond Virginia Fire Police Credit Union as of January 2, 2015.  We will keep you posted with the developments by way of our website, voicemail and post cards.  We will continue at our temporary location of 1634 Ownby Lane, Richmond, VA 23220-1317 until at least mid-January, 2015.  We will be closed on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 for a Staff and Volunteers retreat. This will help in preparing us for the merger.