Richmond VA Fire Police CU

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At RVFPCU we offer competitive rates and a variety of products and terms.  Talk with us about your borrowing needs because we have solutions to help save you money.

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Current Loan Promotions

New and Used Vehicle Loans

  • Financing available for new and used vehicles, motorcyles, boats and RVs
  • TRUECar, our third-party auto buying partner gives you access to research tools and car pricing information (click or tap image on right for details)
  • You can get a loan approval amount so that you know how much car you can buy once you start shopping

Fixed Rate VISA® Credit Card

Credit Card Pic
  • Fixed rate and below average APRs
  • VISA® is internationally accepted and offers members other benefits too
  • There is no credit card annual fee
  • Embedded chip to help protect against fraud and identity theft   [view Chip Guide]

Savings and Certificate Secured Loans

Secured Loan Pic
  • Low rate of borrowing and your deposit earns dividends too
  • With a Savings Secured loan, your money becomes available as soon as your loan balance decreases
  • With a Certificate Secured loan, your certificate renews automatically until your loan is paid in full

Personal Loan

Personal Loan Pic
  • Better choice for short-term borrowing needs or when faced with unexpected bills
  • Once you borrow from RVFPCU, if you borrow again, then the process is quicker the next time
  • Simple interest and fixed-rate with no payment increases

Overdraft Protection Credit Line

Overdraft Pic
  • Only pay interest on the outstanding credit that you use, and not on the actual credit limit
  • Keeps you from bouncing a check and owing fees for overdrafts
  • Can help protect your checking account consumer reporting record

Equity Line, Equity Loans, & Mortgage Loans

Equity Pic
  • We have partnered with Lender Select to give you a variety of mortgage product options.  Contact us for rates and options.
  • An Equity loan works best when you have a one-time expense such as building a home addition or buying a vehicle
  • An Equity line works best when you have ongoing expenses such as paying taxes or when you want a line available for emergencies