Richmond VA Fire Police CU
At RVFPCU we understand that there are times when members may need to skip their loan payments.  To help during these times, the RVFPCU offers a Skip-a-Payment program to qualified members.  Below are details about this program.  Refer to the Application for specific disclosures and restrictions.

link to PDF for Skip Payment Application

Skip-A-Payment Program Details

Skip Pay Pic
  • Must pay a $25 fee per loan for each monthly payment skipped
  • A full monthly payment is skipped (which means two bi-weekly payments if on payroll deduction)
  • Can only skip a payment once per loan in a six-month time period
  • Interest continues to accrue on your loan and the time it takes to repay your loan will be extended by the skipped period
  • A completed Application signed by all borrowers is required
  • Not offered for Home Equity Loans over $35,000 or credit card products
  • No borrower can be delinquent on any loan or debt owed to us