Richmond VA Fire Police CU

Totally revised website is coming in June.  For more information talk with staff.

Online Banking changed effective February 22, 2016.  To provide added functionality and security, members must choose a new USER ID and answer a few security questions.   View our Guide with sign-on instructions

Most of our members serve, protect and rescue the public. With online services from RVFPCU there are three great ways to serve, protect and rescue our environment too!

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Online Banking, Mobile Banking, E-Statements & Bill Pay


Online Banking is the backbone of our 24-hour online service.  It provides a secure method for accessing your accounts.  Once enrolled in Online Banking you have the option to sign up for any of our other electronic services such as Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, and e-Statements.

When you enroll in e-Statements you have access to an electronic record of your statements going foward (you cannot access any statements prior to your enrollment).

To enroll in Online Banking, contact the credit union during business hours and we can set you up for access.  Once you are enrolled in Online Banking, you can then enroll in Bill Pay or SPRIG Mobile banking by using our Enroll links located in our menu boxes on the left-side.

Benefits of SPRIG Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking Pic
  • For additional tips and guidance, click here or on the tab near the top of this page titled, "Mobile Banking Tips SPRIG CO-OP"
  • View account information 24-hours a day
  • Use your smart phone to take images of your checks and deposit the funds into your account
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and make loan payments too.
  • Send money to almost anyone that has an account opened with a credit union or bank.  They do not have to be a member to get the money that you send to them.

Benefits of Credit Card e-Statements

Credit Card EStatement Pic
  • Provides the same information found on paper statements
  • Eliminates the tasks of routine storage and paper shredding
  • Reduces the environmental waste generated to create and dispose of paper
  • There are no statements in the mailbox for thieves to steal and obtain your credit card banking information
  • No worries that others may open your mail and read your statements

Benefits of Bill Pay

Bill Pay Pic
  • Pay bills online with instant access anytime, anywhere without the expense of stamps
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments and never worry about missing a payment
  • Electronic payments protect you against check forgeries and fraud
  • No worries if you are ill or out of town because your payment will be automatically paid