Richmond VA Fire Police CU


Latest News, Events & Alerts

12-19-16.  Workshop on Investment and Retirement Income.   We teamed up with Voya Financial Advisors to host a lunch workshop at the Police Training Academy.  Learn about investments that both preserve and grow your assets.  Seating is limited.  Click for more details
11-09-16.  TRUECar Auto Buying Services.   We have partnered with TRUECar to offer our members auto buying services to help you save money.  Services include price reports and research tools.  Click to view TRUECar web page
11-01-16.  Bill of Rights & Conduct Policy.   Your Board has implemented a policy that addresses rights and conduct of members and employees. Click to view Policy
10-06-16.   Quarterly Newsletter.   Our Newsletter, which also includes a Verification of Accounts notice is now available.  Check out our recent news and information, along with current rates and tips.   View Newsletter and Verfication Notice
08-1-16.  No longer waiving Checking fees or removing Debit Card holds.   In the past we have made exceptions and waived fees or removed holds.  To be fair to all members and to comply with VISA rules and other regulations, we are no longer waiving fees or removing debit card holds unless an error on our part has occurred.  Click to view our Notice and learn more
03-04-16.  Savings Rate Increase.   Saving just got better! We've increased the rate on our 1-year, 3-year and 5-year Certificates.   Check out our latest rates
01-04-16.   Rapid Pay-off Mortgage.   We are offering a new Rapid Pay-off mortgage for members considering retiring under Richmond's Defined Retirement Option Program (DROP).  This mortgage has a low 2% APR and short term.  Click here for details and more information